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2019 World Series MVP Has Retired

Photo via USA Today

The 2019 World Series MVP, Stephen Strasburg announced his retirement. Stephen Strasburg was one of the best pitchers in baseball when he was healthy, unfortunately Strasburg's career was derailed by injured over and over.

Overall, Stephen Strasburg had a pretty good career. In all, Strasburg was a 3x all-star, 2019 World Series Champion, 2019 World Series MVP, 2019 Babe Ruth Award, and a 2019 All-MLB First Team.

Stephen Strasburg also had pretty good numbers for his career. In all, he pitched 247 games, 113-62 record, 1,470.0 IP, 1,723 SO, 3.24 ERA, and a 1.10 WHIP. It's so unfortunate how much Strasburg was injured, because he was a truly dominant pitcher.

The Washington Nationals will hold a press conference for Stephen Strasburg tentatively scheduled for September 9th at Nationals Park. Stephen Strasburg will always be remembered in Nationals history.


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