5 Players That Should be Traded in 2022

Updated: Feb 23

The 2021 offseason was one filled with star players on the free agent market. With the lockout still in progress, it does not look like Carlos Correa, Javier Baez or Trevor Story will be signing with a club soon. Rather than free agents, a team may look to deal for a big name. It seems that in recent years, the MLB has had an increase in blockbuster trades. Whether it is Max Scherzer and Trea Turner to the Dodgers, Chapman to the Cubs, Stanton to the Yankees, Machado to the Dodgers, every year it seems like a big name gets a new jersey. In 2022, I expect no different. There are many names out there that can be valuable for a postseason push. Could 2022 be the year your team gets their guy? Here are five players I think should be traded come 2022.

Chris Bassitt

Finishing Top-10 in American League Cy Young in both seasons, Chris Bassitt has proved he can be a reliable starter on a postseason team. Bassitt is a free agent after the 2022 season and personally, I do not see the Oakland A’s competing enough in the AL West to keep him. The Astros have proved that they are the powerhouse of that division and the Mariners showed last year that they can also compete, finishing with a 90-72 record. Ever since the 2021 season ended, there have been trade rumors involving Matt Olson and Sean Manea, but I think with Chriss Bassitt, a team does not have to give up too much, and will receive a nice piece for a playoff run.

Potential trade partners: Yankees, Blue Jays, Angels, Dodgers

  • Will get a reliable starter for postseason

Willson Contreras

Just five years after their first World Series win in 108 years, the Cubs dismantled their whole roster. Willson Contreras was left behind when Javy Baez, Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant were all traded to separate teams. It’s safe to say that the Cubs are in a rebuilding phase. Kyle Hendricks and Jason Heyward are also long-time Cubs, but they don't have as big of a market as Contreras. An above average catcher in today's game is rare. Willson Contreras’ .816 OPS and 29 home run, 162 game average the past three seasons speaks for itself. Also a free agent after this season, I don’t see why the Cubs shouldn’t try to get a few prospects by sending him off to a contender.

Potential trade partners: Yankees, Tigers, Astros

  • Probably won’t need to give up too much for a solid player

Ketel Marte

If you look at Marte’s contract and the Diamondbacks record, this one is inevitable. Marte is a free agent in 2023 and has the potential to be one of the top players in the game if traded to a contender. In 2019, Marte finished 4th in NL MVP. In 2021, an injury plagued the end of his season which resulted in him only playing 90 games. A .917 OPS since 2019 is similar to Ronald Acuna (.928) and Aaron Judge (.916) over the same time frame. The only downfall of Ketel Marte is his durability. Marte has spent significant time on the Injured List. Missing 105 games over the past three years has put a dent in his trade value, but when Ketel Marte is on the field, his value is as high as anyone else's.

Potential trade partners: Indians, Braves, Mets

  • Teams that need an outfielder for the postseason, and are willing to pay for it

Luis Castillo

One of the most inconsistent pitchers of 2021 ended his season with a 3.98 ERA. Unlike other potential trade pieces, Castillo has two years left on his contract. Meaning, the Reds can get more in return for him. Since 2019, Castillo has been one of the most durable pitchers in baseball, having finished in top 2 in games started each year. Also, It does not look like the Reds have a good chance at the postseason come 2022, as Nick Castellanos is a free agent and Joey Votto will be 39 in September. Luis Castillo’s horrible ERA in April (6.29) and May (8.04) were evened out by a successful second half. The Reds may ask for a lot in return for Castillo, but if I was in charge of a potential postseason team, I would rely on him in a postseason run.

Potential trade partners: Dodgers, Giants, Angels

  • Teams that are desperate for a starter to keep/get into a playoff run

Craig Kimbrel

One of the best closers the game of baseball has seen. In my opinion, a future Hall of Famer. The beginning of Craig Kimbrel’s 2021 was unbelievable, a 0.49 ERA in 36.2 innings and 64 strikeouts. At the trade deadline he was traded across Chicago to the White Sox. For him, this trade ended up depleting his value. A 5.09 ERA with the White Sox was not what they hoped for. He is a free agent after the 2022 season and if he puts up numbers anywhere close to his first half last year, the Sox can get good value for him at the trade deadline, or even sooner. Postseason teams need a good closer to succeed in the playoffs. This has been consistent over time; Jansen with the Dodgers, Will Smith with the Braves, etc. He hasn’t had a full great season since 2018 with the Red Sox (2.74 ERA and 42 saves), but his potential to be a reliable 9th inning man is still there.

Potential trade partners: Phillies, Reds, Rays, Blue Jays

  • A team that needs a reliable closer to hold together the bullpen, and the teams postseason chances


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