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Aaron Judge: 7 Years in the Big Leagues

Photo by New York Yankees

Yesterday, Yankees superstar, Aaron Judge, celebrated his 7-year anniversary since making his major league debut. A lot has happened since then, here's a look back.

Judge first came up in 2016, a day after Alex Rodriguez ended his career. His very first at-bat, he went back-to-back with teammate Tyler Austin. Finishing off his 2016, he slashed a mediocre .179/.263/.345 with 4 home runs and 10 RBI.

After those depressing numbers, Judge got back to work and never looked back. He won Rookie of the Year in 2017 and broke the rookie home run record with 52. He also finished 2nd in AL MVP voting and took the Yankees to the ALCS.

His 2018-2021 were just as good. Leaving the Yankees to the postseason in all three years, his game has only elevated from those seasons and then came his 2022.

Judge's 2022 started with him and the Yankees not reaching a contract extension, which inevitably made him a free agent. He played his 2022 knowing that it could very well be his last season in pinstripes.

However, he got a very nice payday after his historic season. A 9-year extension with the New York Yankees along with the title of captain. Looking back at that 2022 season, Judge slashed .311/.425/.686 with 62 home runs and 131 RBI. Which paved the way for his first career AL MVP award.

He broke the American League home run record, which was held by former Yankee Roger Maris. That record held for 61 years and for another Yankee to break that record made it that much sweeter.

Judge's 2023 has mostly been spent on the IL after his collision with the right field wall at Dodger Stadium.

Looking back on Judge's career has and always will be a fun experience. He has turned into one of the game's best players and shows no signs in slowing that argument down. A lifelong Yankee who could very well end up in Cooperstown.


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