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Elly De La Cruz Has All The Makings of Being a Star For Years to Come

Elly De La Cruz via Katie Stratman-Reuters

Elly De La Cruz was called up to the Reds big league team just three days ago, he's already making an impact. Cruz has all the makings of becoming a star in this league. Some may question, what has he done so far for that to be thought? Let's take a look.

In a small sample size, Elly is slashing .364/.462/.909 with a home run and 2 RBI. Obviously that is not enough to go on, but here's some more stats on Cruz.

He has the two hardest hit balls by a reds player this season, 114.8 mph and 112.0 mph. He also has the fourth fastest sprint speed in MLB this season (30.9 ft/sec), giving him the fastest home to third time by any player this season, 10.83 ft/sec on a triple.

Elly De La Cruz already has his first home run of his major league career. It was off Dodgers' Noah Syndergaard which went a whopping 458 ft, 114.8 mph off the bat. That makes his home run the hardest hit ball by a Reds player since 2019 and the fourth-hardest hit by a Red since the Statcast era in 2015.

Cruz is on a mission to show everyone what he is capable of. The 6'5" 21-year old is a speedy and reliable hitter. An added plus is the swag he brings to his game. He has all the makings of being the next electric player in MLB.

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