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Elly De La Cruz Hit’s for the Cycle in Just his 15th Game in the MLB

Elly De La Cruz Via Sports Illustrated

Elly De La Cruz is certainly living up to all the hype. At just 21 years old, Cruz has already achieved a huge accomplishment. One that any hitter would love to have, and that's hitting for the cycle. Elly De La Cruz did that last night.

It's no secret how hard it is to hit for the cycle in MLB. Elly De La Cruz is a young phenom. It's almost like he could do anything. It's truly amazing to watch what Elly De La Cruz is doing after just being called up.

The Reds have been one of the best teams in all of baseball, they're filled with young talent, and Elly De La Cruz is the center piece of it all. The Reds are on a 12 game win streak, and are 41-35. Elly De La Cruz has to do with a lot of that, as he brought electricity to the clubhouse the minute he got called up.

Last night, in the Reds victory against the Braves, Elly De La Cruz became the youngest player in MLB since 1972 to hit for the cycle. His line was very impressive. He went, 4-5, 3 runs scored, 4 RBI's, 1B, 2B, 3B, HR.

Elly De La Cruz is going to be a monster for many years. He's the Reds number one prospect for a reason. It's so fun to watch Elly De La Cruz, it's safe to say the Cincinnati Reds should be very happy to have him.

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