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Fish on the Menu, Is the Marlins Season Officially a Failure?

Photo by Talkin’ Baseball (X)

The 2024 Miami Marlins currently are sitting at a league worst 6-24. The Marlins never had high expectations for the season, but this is certainly lower than expected.

The Marlins offense is currently 25th in BA and HR, 27th in RBI, and 29th in OPS. They’re pitching 27th in ERA and tied for last in pitching wins. On top of their club stats being some of the worst in baseball, their individual player stats do not wow either.

The Marlins also sit in a strange position due to the fact that they have some contributors who could have some big seasons. Players such as Jazz Chisholm Jr., Luis Arraez, and Josh Bell lead the way.

That also begs the question of what this squad is going to do at the 2024 trade deadline. Do they sell high on any contributors or do they still try to shop around, looking to add?

The Marlins were expected to make some sort of noise and was even being mentioned as a possible wildcard club with third place in the NL East projected to be open. With consistent pitching injuries and poor performance, that looks like a once dream scenario now down the drain.

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