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Fred McGriff, Scott Rolen Take a Trip Down Memory Lane Before Induction

Fred McGriff (L) & Scott Rolen (R) via ATD Media

Yesterday, 2023 Hall of Famers, Fred McGriff and Scott Rolen held a press conference before today's induction ceremony. The two had plenty of questions to reflect on their impressive careers and what being in Cooperstown means to them.

Fred McGriff spent a total of 19 seasons in Major League Baseball. Hitting a career .284/.377/.509 with 493 home runs and 1550 RBI, McGriff was one of the most exciting players to watch of that decade.


McGriff was asked how he feels about the induction tomorrow and how he will approach the big day

Honestly, like if it's a playoff game or during the regular season, you're fine every night for the most part. But when you get into the playoffs and the World Series, that first inning, you've got the butterflies and so forth. And then once you get that ground ball hit to your or you have that first at bat, now it's just another baseball game. So I'm pretty sure tomorrow, you know, even later tonight, you started getting butterflies. I'll rehearse and go over my speech again. And then once I board that bus to head over to the Sports Center tomorrow, it's going to start like, ‘Oh boy, Fred’. It's almost game time.

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Scott Rolen was about as pure of a hitter baseball seen through his decade. Rolen hit a career .281/.364/.490 with 316 home runs and 1287 RBI. His impressive play through a total of 17 years got him to where he will be today, forever in Cooperstown.


Rolen was asked how he feels about the induction tomorrow and how he is feeling before the big day

Well, everybody's been phenomenal, first of all. I know that I'm sitting on the back patio pretty starstruck with everybody that's walking around. And everybody's been cordial, welcoming and giving some advice. They’ve been great. Jim Bob Thome was here last night and we hung out a little bit, so he's always a good icebreaker.

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In just a couple of hours, both of these men will forever be enshrined in baseball immortality. Cooperstown is the final stop in a baseball career and will give the chance for the great fans of baseball to learn a bit more about the past legends.

Both McGriff and Rolen embodies what it means to be a baseball player, both on and off the field. They both played the game with integrity and honesty. They respected those who came before and after them. Now, that same respect is given to them.


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