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Gerrit Cole, a Shining Star on a Dreary Ball Club

Photo by Getty Images

Gerrit Cole is undoubtedly one of the best pitchers in baseball. He is one of the only bright spots of the 2023 Yankees. In his last start, Gerrit Cole pitched 7.0 innings of 3 hit ball without giving up a single earned run. The Yankees ended up losing on a walk off home run by Anthony Santander.

This has been the story of Gerrit Cole's starts in 2023. He's been as dominant as ever with his AL leading 2.64 ERA. The Yankees however, have not been as productive.

What makes this a bit interesting is the fact that Gerrit Cole has an opt out of his 9-year $324 million deal after the 2024 baseball season. With the Yankees being bottom feeders this season, it can't be what Gerrit Cole had in mind. If the Yankees do not fix their issues within the next year, they could be without an ace of their pitching staff.

With Gerrit Cole, Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, and Anthony Rizzo all still producing, the Yankees window of a 28th World Series championship is closing quite quickly. It is a mind boggling fact that the Yankees have not been to the Fall Classic in over a decade. If their front office does not find a way soon, their prized free agent signing could be as good as gone.

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