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Hockey Will Put You Through An Emotional Roller Coaster

I’ve been fortunate to cover a couple LA Kings hockey games this season, and I’m also a big baseball fan. even though I love both of these sports I will say that the experience between these two is so different. A lot of times baseball games can have you sitting in your seat bored and not even paying attention to the game, and you won't miss much. But hockey on the other hand, will put you on the edge of your seat and you'll stay locked in for every second.

If you look down for just a spilt second, you could miss a great goal, amazing save, or maybe even a big time fight. Hockey will keep your attention the entire game. The action moves so fast you can be at the highest of highs one moment, then the next second you feel the lowest of lows.

Last Tuesday night when the Kings fell to the Rangers 5-3 at Arena, it was action packed and had fans of both teams go through a roller coaster of emotions. Let's start from the beginning. The home fans in Los Angeles, obviously including myself, felt confident immediately with Kevin Fiala scoring just 35 seconds into the game. The Kings then scored another goal later on in the period thanks to Gabriel Vilardi, so LA was heading into the 2nd period leading 2-0. I'm sure kings fans fely=t confident, because I did, with a 2-0 lead heading into intermission.

And then, the 2nd period came along. The Rangers scored 3 goals to take the lead and took the energy right out of the arena. Goals were scored by Schneider, Trocheck, and Kakko. The momentum the Kings had after the 1st period was completely flipped after the Rangers took control in the 2nd. Like I had said before, hockey will put you through an emotional roller coaster. You can feel confident one moment, then next thing you know you're trailing by one goal.

The 3rd period rolled around and wouldn't you know, the Kings tied it back up from a goal by Sean Walker to give the Kings, and Kings fans, some hope. But then, a mere 56 seconds later. Not even a full minute, the Rangers answered right back, with a goal from Chris Kreider, who would actually end up scoring once more later on in the period.

The Kings tied it, had some hope, then that was immediately torn out after Kreider's two goals. Usually after you go out to a 2-0 lead you're in pretty good shape, but this wasn't the case for the Kings that night. Not only were fans upset with the loss, players were disappointed as well, and rightfully so.

Kevin Fiala voiced his frustration with the loss, saying "We've got to find ways to just keep going, it's no reason to step off the gas."

Although he was clearly unhappy with the loss, Fiala had a fantastic game, with a goal and two assists on the night. Losses like that are rough, but that's hockey for you. Just have to bounce back and get the next one.

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