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MLB Announces Extreme Growth During 2023

Photo by ATD Media

The 2023 MLB Regular Season was a wild one to say the least. We saw upsets and shocking results by all 30 teams. Before the season started, MLB introduced new rules and set a plan in place to grow the game of baseball. Well, so far that plan has worked.

During the 2023 season, MLB saw huge strides in growing the game of baseball. MLB reported that total attendance came in at 70 million (highest in six seasons), a 9.6% growth since last season (highest in 40 seasons), and 24 of the 30 teams all had attendance gains.

(Stats via Jordan Moore of The Athletic)

This is huge news for MLB and the game of baseball. With the labels of baseball being a "dying sport", having a season like this was crucial. Growing the game should be at the top of MLB's "to-do" list. From the changes made and changes coming, baseball could be in for an even bigger gain of attendance over the next few seasons.

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