My Thoughts on the Yankees 10 Games In

Updated: Sep 21

It's been way too long since I've come on here and wrote a blog so I decided to get back into it... and what better topic to write about than (unfortunately) my New York Yankees. Yes it is only 10 games in, yes there are 152 games to go, yes I am aware of those things. But you cannot lose 2/3 to the ORIOLES. This is the one team in the AL East that you have to take advantage of and win every single game against them, since every single other team in this division is so damn good. Losing 2 out of 3 and scoring ONE RUN COMBINED in both losses is just insanity. Last season the Rays won the AL East by 8 games over the Yankees & Red Sox. A huge part of their division title was because they went 18-1 against the Orioles in 2021. Took advantage of a horrible team and dominated them all season. But the 2022 Yankees have now lost more games to the Orioles this year than the Rays did in ALL of 2021. Not great.

So through 10 games so far the Yankees are 5-5. Same record as the Pittsburgh Pirates so take that however you please. This team sucks man. However, I will say the Yankees pitching is most certainly not the problem, it's the offense that has been nonexistent. The Yankees have scored 30 runs in their first 10 games. 3 runs per game. Didn't need a calculator for that one. But from @ktsharp on Twitter, that is the fewest runs scored through 30 games for the Yankees since 1977. The is absolutely disgraceful, butttt they did do something special that year, so maybe??? Nah, no chance.

But anyway, let's try and focus on some of the positives from this Yankees team so far. Like I mentioned, the Yankees' pitching staff (mostly everyone) has been lights out so far. First person that comes to mind... Nestor Cortes Jr. I mean, is this guy gonna win a damn Cy Young? He's been so good that every Nasty Nestor start is now must see TV. He hasn't allowed a run yet this season through two starts. So far he's pitched 9.1 innings, with a team high 17 strikeouts and only allowing 6 hits! The guy is just unbelievable, so maybe that 2.90 ERA in 93 innings from last year isn't a fluke after all. I might just start printing the Nestor for Cy Young shirts now.

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Another guy who I am so happy to see back and dealing on the mound is Luis Severino. Even though he pitched a few games in 2019 & 2021 there were many times I forgot he even existed. But Sevy is back and it is so cool to watch him dominate again. Seeing him pumped up on the mound in his start against the Blue Jays brought me back to 1st half 2018 Severino where he looked like the best pitcher in baseball. If he can legitimately get back to what he was in '17/'18 that would be huge for this team. Especially since our ace has been shitting the bed in his first two starts so far. See I was positive for a little bit but of course went right back to being negative. Gerrit Cole, just be better, please.

On the offensive side, gotta give a shoutout to DJ, Rizzo and even Hicks. The only guys who seem to be actually producing at the plate so far. Oh, also Giancarlo. How is it possible to hit the ball the fucking hard every time? Must be nice.

Maybe I'll write a Yankees recap after every 3 series or so. A look ahead for this week, the Yankees have 3 in Detroit, 3 against Cleveland at home and 3 against Baltimore at home. Realistically, my prediction for this 9 game stretch is they go 6-3. Cleveland apparently has the best offense in baseball so who knows what's gonna happen there, Detroit they SHOULD take 2/3 at least, and the same thing with the O's obviously, but they'll find a way to screw something up. Expecting a big week out of Aaron Judge, he's gotta get it going. At least 3 homers over this 9 game stretch, book it.

Before the season if you were to have told me that this team would be 5-5 through the first 10 games, I would've assumed they lost all 5 to the Red Sox and Jays, and won against the Orioles, but that's baseball Suzyn. Shoutout John Sterling, an absolute legend. Never stop calling those Stantonian blasts.

I'll be talking about the Yankees on this week's episode of Off The Wall, find it wherever you listen to your podcasts, or watch us on our Youtube channel!

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