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Nick Castellanos is Having a Huge Bounce Back Season

Nick Castellanos via Getty Images

In Nick Castellanos's final season with the Cincinnati Reds, he had a huge season. Some would say it was an MVP season from him, that earned him a 5 year contract worth $100M with the Philadelphia Phillies. Everyone expected Castellanos to be the same in his first year with Philly as he was in his final year with the Reds.

That definitely wasn't the case. Nick Castellanos struggled from Opening Day to the end of the season. He definitely wasn't earning the contract that he got.

His 2022 season was one to forget. He hit for an average of .263, he hit 13 home runs, he had 62 RBI's, and a OPS of .694. A lot of people said that Castellanos would never have another great season, or ever bounce back from this type of season.

Well, he's definitely proving those people wrong. Nick Castellanos could certainly be an All Star this year with the numbers he's putting up. In 61 games played for him, he's batting .315, he's hit 7 HR's, he has 35 RBI's, and a OPS of .856. Nick Castellanos is on a absolute tear right now and there's no telling when he's going to slow down.

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