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Pop The Champagne, The Oakland A’s Have Finally Reached 10 Wins

Some people thought it couldn’t be done. I heard other people were calling it impossible. I even heard fans say they were gonna need a miracle. They proved the haters wrong. The Oakland Athletics have finally reached double digit wins and it only took until May 16 to do so. Their 10th win was actually a very impressive comeback, as they were losing 8-4 in the 7th inning and ended up walking it off for the victory. Oddly enough, 4 out of the 10 A’s wins this seasons have been walk offs. Very bizarre.

The A’s now sit at 10-34 on the season, with a .227 winning percentage, and a run differential of -159. So that means they’re on pace to finish 38-124, which would be the worst record for a MLB team over a 162 game season.

Whenever we talk about bad teams throughout MLB history, the 1962 Mets are always thrown in that conversation, when they finished 40-120, had a run differential of -331. Sounds bad right? The A’s would love to finish with that, as right now the 2023 Oakland A’s are projected to have a run differential of -585!!! That would be the worst run differential in MLB since 1900.

It’s weird because this team isn’t all around the worst in baseball. Yes obviously they are historically bad, but it’s because of the pitching more than the offense. Check out how the Oakland offense ranks among other teams in MLB.

AVG: T-26th

Home runs: 11th (!!)

Runs scored: T-25th

OPS: 23rd

Hits: 19th

Stolen bases: T-2nd

So the offense obviously isn’t the main reason why they have the worst run differential in baseball by a long shot. I guess the pitching maybe has something to do with it? Let's see.

ERA: 30th (7.18 yikes)

WHIP: 30th

Hits allowed: 1st (445, 50 more than next on the list)

Home runs allowed: 1st

Yeah I'd say it's probably the pitching.

I think if the Oakland A’s allowed me to throw a few innings for them it wouldn’t be much worse than what their pitchers are doing. But anyway, I just realized this started off as celebrating the A’s reaching 10 wins then led to be shitting on them. I guess that went downhill pretty fast. Let’s hope.. the A’s don’t have the worst season in MLB history I guess?

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