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Rangers, Adolis García Agree to a Two-Year Deal to Avoid Arbitration

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The Texas Rangers and OF Adolis García are in agreement on a two-year deal worth $14 million. This will allow the two sides to avoid arbitration for this year and next year. García and the Rangers got the deal done right before their arbitration hearing.

Recently, teams have been going for two-year deals for arbitration. This allows the team and the player to not have to worry about the following year. In the Rangers case, they can worry about trying to win another World Series.

Now, Adolis García was 100 percent going back to the Rangers next year. It was just a matter of how much García will be making. In 2024 and 2025, Adolis García will be making $7 million a year.

The next order of business for the Rangers and Adolis García is to get a long-term deal done. The Rangers need to keep García around for the long run. A lot of players are getting extensions recently, and the Rangers need to make Adolis García the next one.

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