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Shohei Ohtani’s Longtime Translator Fired in Shocking Events

Photo(s) by & The LA Times ; Graphic by ATD Media

LOS ANGELES, CA: Shohei Ohtani's interpreter, Ippei Mizuhara, for the Los Angeles Dodgers was fired Wednesday afternoon due to concerns about wire transactions totaling at least $4.5 million that were made from Ohtani's bank account to a bookmaking business, per Bill Shaikin of The Los Angeles Times.

Ippei Mizuhara told the Dodgers clubhouse in Korea before being fired that a story would come out that's "all his fault."

Reporters were informed by numerous sources that Ippei Mizuhara, Ohtani's longtime friend and interpreter, incurred the gambling debts to a Southern California bookmaking enterprise that is currently the subject of a federal investigation. It all began when reporters began to ask him about the wire transfers.

At first, an Ohtani representative informed reporters that the slugger had sent the money to pay off Mizuhara's debt from gambling. In a 90-minute interview with ESPN on Tuesday night, the spokesperson gave Mizuhara the opportunity to thoroughly clarify his story. However, the spokesperson refuted Mizuhara's allegation and stated Ohtani's attorneys will provide a response as ESPN was ready to air the story on Wednesday.

Sports betting is still prohibited in California, even though it is permitted in almost 40 other states. Legal bookmakers take bets on credit, but government-regulated sportsbooks demand bettors to pay up advance for their wagers.

Mizuhara began his gambling spiral in 2021. Mizuhara wagered on international soccer matches and other sports, but not baseball.

Mizuhara, 39, told ESPN during the scheduled interview on Tuesday on behalf of Ohtani's spokesman that he had urged Ohtani, 29, to settle his gambling debt last year, which several sources claiming had grown to a minimum of $4.5 million. Mizuhara claimed to have bet on DraftKings in the past.

"Obviously, he (Ohtani) wasn't happy about it and said he would help me out to make sure I never do this again," Mizuhara said. "He decided to pay it off for me.
"I want everyone to know Shohei had zero involvement in betting. I want people to know I did not know this was illegal. I learned my lesson the hard way. I will never do sports betting ever again."

However, yesterday afternoon Mizuhara informed reporters that Ohtani was unaware of his obligations from gambling and that he had not sent money to the bookmaker's accomplice.

"I never bet on baseball. That's 100 percent. I knew that rule, We have a meeting about that in spring training."

Major League Baseball employees and players are not allowed to bet on baseball, but other sports are permitted. Bets placed with illegal bookmakers are subjected to punishment, which is where this story originates.

As of now, there are many more details to hash out regarding Ippei Mizuhara and his gambling habits. It is also unclear whether or not Shohei Ohtani will speak on the situation. Nevertheless, this situation is one that will be looked at accordingly and news will follow as the days go on.


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