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The Athletics are Officially Moving to Las Vegas

Photo by Talkin’ Baseball (X)

It just became official the the Oakland Athletics are moving to Las Vegas. The owners had a vote and it was a unanimous vote for this decision. The Oakland Athletics have been the laughing stock of baseball for a few years now due to their record, attendance, and other stuff.

With this move of the Athletics moving to Las Vegas, it's the first relocation in MLB since 2005. It's just the second relocation since 1972.

A's won't have a permanent home from 2025 to 2027 because their lease to play in the Oakland Coliseum is up after 2024 and the Vegas move is expected to happen in 2028. A's plan to play in their Triple A park in Nevada, Oracle Park in San Francisco and more. Per, Bob Nightengale.

This move doesn't really come to a shock to anyone as many fans wanted to see this happen. A lot of people expected it to happen. Although, on the other hand some fans didn't want to see this happen. Some fans wanted the Athletes to stay in Oakland and then Las Vegas get their own team.

The Athletics finished the 2023 season with a total of 832,342 as their attendance for the year. That was last in all of baseball. Their average attendance for each game was 10,240. The Athletics finished the 2023 season with a miserable 50-112 record. Now, the Athletics will officially be moved to Las Vegas as voted by the owners.


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