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The Hall of Fame Officially Has Two New Members

Fred McGriff (L) and Scott Rolen (R) via AP Photo

Yesterday, Cooperstown officially welcomed in their two newest members of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Fred McGriff and Scott Rolen took their place in baseball immortality as they took the stage for the 2023 induction ceremony.

Fred McGriff took his time to reflect on his career and thank everyone who has made an impact on his impressive career.

“I’m humbled and honored to be standing in front of you and now to be part of this fraternity. When your career is validated by former players and executives that saw you play, that’s as good as it gets.”

Looking back on Fred McGriff's career will forever be an exciting experience. The impact he left on the game, as one of the best clean up hitters the game has ever seen, is just as impressive as the man he is. An honest and consistent player who always played the game with integrity.

Scott Rolen took his time to thank his former teams as well as his family. Rolen was a quiet leader who left his mark on the game as such.

“Seeing Mom and Dad walk to their seats from my position at third base was a feeling never topped again in my 17 years,”

“I was not raised to be a Major League Baseball player,” he said. “I was raised to be honest, to work hard, to be accountable for my words and actions, and to treat people with kindness and respect.”

Scott Rolen was adamant on how important his parents played a role in his life, on and off the baseball diamond. His emotional state on the stage told the story about Scott Rolen. The way his family taught him core values as a person, translated into the field and helped him become what he is today, a hall of famer.

The 2023 MLB Hall of Fame Ceremony is officially over. McGriff and Rolen's places in Cooperstown will forever be appreciated and applauded. Two of the games best players in the 1990s and early 2000s have made their mark on the game and have earned their spot as baseball immortals.

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