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The Texas Rangers Find Themselves in an Unfamiliar Spot

Photo via MLBonFox

The Texas Rangers have been one of the best teams in all of baseball. In the past two off-seasons and trade deadlines they've added so much to their team to win. It was working all season long, but recently that ceritanly hasn't been the case.

The current standings in the AL West look like:

  1. Seattle Mariners: 76-57, - GB

  2. Houston Astros: 77-58, - GB

  3. Texas Rangers: 75-58, 1.0

A record of 75-58 might not look bad, but it's how the Rangers have been playing as of late. In the Rangers last 10 games, they have a record of 3-7.

The Rangers have flat out been playing bad baseball as of late. Right now, there's no signs of anything changing. Hopefully the Rangers can find their groove again. When the Rangers are playing their best, they're an exciting team to watch.

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