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White Sox Star Outfielder Likely to be Traded at the Trade Deadline

Photo by B/R Walkoff

The Chicago White Sox are ‘actively seeking packages’ for outfielder Luis Robert Jr. Per,, Jon Heyman of the New York Post. The MLB trade deadline is quickly coming up as it is on July 30th, which is next month. Rumors will start to pickup and we are all seeing that right now with Luis Robert Jr.

There’s no question that the White Sox are going to be a seller at the trade deadline. They have been the worst team in baseball this season. As it stands right now, the White Sox have a record of 15-48. They are in 5th place and 26 games back from first place.

Any team who will look to trade for Luis Robert Jr. should expect it to take a haul to trade for him. He isn’t eligible to be a free agent until 2026. Teams take that into consideration a lot when trading for star players, they want to keep the player for a while if they are giving up a ton of prospects.

Luis Robert Jr. just came off the injured list. In his first game back, he smacked a home run. He hasn’t played much this season, so it has been a small sample size. Although, he is now back and healthy and proving that he’s still a top outfielder in the game.

The White Sox will likely get a lot interest from teams that can win a championship this year. Especially contenders who need outfield help. It’ll be interesting to see if the White Sox do decide to go through in a trade, and also who they will get for Luis Robert Jr.

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