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Yankees Front Office Gives Fans No Encouragement For Offseason

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Brian Cashman and Hal Steinbrenner both spoke to the media for the first time since the 2023 season ended. Fans were hoping for some words of encouragement, instead, some fans were left feeling worse than before. The Yankees are seemingly falling apart right before our eyes.

Hal Steinbrenner first spoke with the media at noon yesterday, stating that 2023 was "awful, we accomplished nothing". He also added that the Yankees will be active this offseason and have spoke about changes that will affect the team as well as the front office. The Yankee offense will look to bunt more in 2024, which was added by Steinbrenner towards the end of the interview.

Moving onto Brian Cashman, this is where fans might have gotten a bad taste in their mouths. Hal Steinbrenner's quotes were nothing out of the ordinary. Things fans come to expect. However, Cashman came out firery and stayed that way the entire interview.

Cashman opened his interview with "I think we're pretty f***ing good, personally". Stating the staff that the Yankees currently have. The analytics department, coaches, and each executive in between was regarded in Cashman's opening quote. Yankee fans were without a doubt rubbed the wrong way. After finishing 82-80, one of their worst records of the last 30 years, and having one of the top payrolls in baseball, Cashman's quote did not hold accountable to the fanbase.

Fans took to social media and starting making their feelings known. It did not take long for Cashman to feel the heat. Yankee fans were hoping for something to find hope in, instead, they might just be feeling worse. The offseason for the Bronx Bombers will undoubtedly be an interesting one.

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