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Baseball Is Once Again Growing

Photo by @MLBLife on Twitter

Obviously baseball is one of the least popular sports in North America. However, the sport is gaining traction around the world once again. This time, in the remote country of Bhutan.

Bhutan is a country in South Asia and is among the poorest countries. As of 2021, just 777,486 people populate the country. One of the most powerful pictures in the game of baseball is pictured above.

"It's the fastest-growing sport in the country right now," said Ramon Riesgo, executive advisor of Bhutan Baseball & Softball Association.

The picture came about as the game of baseball started in Bhutan with just 6,000 children who have become dedicated baseball fans and has skyrocketed the popularity.

The image speaks volume as to how powerful the game can truly be and the love people have for it around the world. Currently, MLB adds to their MLB World Tour each season, with the popularity growing, we could very well see games stretch into countries like Bhutan.

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