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11 Year MLB Veteran Announces his Retirement

Photo by Getty Images

Longtime Major League Baseball player, Andrelton Simmons announced his retirement from baseball. Simmons spent 11 seasons at the major league level with four teams. He was most known for his time with the Atlanta Braves, that's where he was the best.

Andrelton Simmons played with the Atlanta Braves from 2012-2015, the Los Angeles Angels from 2016-2020, the Minnesota Twins in 2021, and the Chicago Cubs in his final year in the MLB, in 2022.

Andrelton Simmons was mainly known for his outstanding defense. Some would say that Simmons is a top five defensive shortstop of all time. Simmons was a four-time good glove winner, also a platinum glove winner.

Andrelton Simmons played a lot of games in his career. Simmons had a total of 4,441 at-bats. Andrelton Simmons slashed .263/.312/.366, with 70 HR's, 444 RBI's, .678 OPS, and a 37.1 WAR.

In all, Andrelton Simmons was a pretty good player. He's always been a player who the team could rely on to produce for them. Andrelton Simmons will go down as one of the best defensive players ever, it was fun to watch Andrelton Simmons play baseball.

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