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Angel Hernandez Has Only Worked One MLB Game This Season

Angel Hernandez via Ron Chenoy/USA Today Sports

Everyone's favorite umpire, Angel Hernandez, has only been in action for one game this entire 2023 season. Which was April 3 when he was the first base umpire for the Chicago White Sox/San Francisco Giants game. Theories have been circulating as to why this is the case, however, sources of The New York Post say they have the answer.

It was reported that the 23-year umpire has been dealing with a back injury. Additionally, it is said that Hernandez will be back once his injury is cleared.

It's no secret that Angel Hernandez has been criticized heavily by fans across baseball for some of his questionable calls. Which led to the rumors of him being let go, retiring, or just needing to take some time off work. From what is known, that just isn't the case and Hernandez should be back during the 2023 season.

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