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Angels Sign Veteran Outfielder to a One-Year Deal

Photo by Orioles

The Los Angeles Angels are in agreement on a one-year deal with outfielder Aaron Hicks. It is a major league deal. According to the official Twitter of the Los Angeles Angels.

Aaron Hicks spent 2023 with the New York Yankees and the Baltimore Orioles. The way Hicks will get paid in 2024 is a strange way. The Angels will pay him $740k. The Yankees still owe Hicks $8.76 million in 2024, plus $9.5 million in 2025 and a $1 million buyout for 2026.

New York was definitely not for Aaron Hicks. He spent a good amount of years with the Yankees, but as soon as he got traded to the Orioles in 2023, he clicked on all cylinders.

Aaron Hicks 2023 stats with the Yankees:

28 games, .188/.263/.261 slashline, 1 HR, 5 RBI's, and a .524 OPS.

Aaron Hicks 2023 stats with the Orioles:

65 games, .275/.381/.425 slashline, 7 HR's, 31 RBI's, and a .806 OPS.

There's no doubt that Aaron Hicks was much better with the Orioles. It's going to be intresting to see if Hicks can continue that success into 2024 with the Los Angeles Angels, and if he does, that would be big for the Angels.

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