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Are The Yankees/Red Sox Set to do Rare Business?

Photo by ATD Media

The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox have rarely done business together. The heated rivals last trade came in 2021 when the Yankees sent reliever Adam Ottavino to the Red Sox. However, this offseason could have the writing on the wall for another trade to go down.

Yankees' Gleyber Torres is set to enter his final year of arbitration before free agency. In his 6 years with New York, Torres has slashed .267/.334/.454 with 123 home runs and 378 RBI. 2019 and 2023 were his two years in which shows all signs of the Yankees wanting an extension. His streaky play is seemingly worrying the Yankees.

Turning over to the Red Sox side, Alex Verdugo is also entering his final year of arbitration before hitting free agency. In his 7 years in the league, he has slashed .281/.337/.428 with 57 home runs and 255 RBI. Verdugo's defense keeps him in the conversation for a Gold Glove each year.

Both these teams are in unfamiliar territory. Both finished in the basement of the AL East and both these players might need a change of scenery. The Yankees are reported to want to focus on batting average next season as well as adding more lefty's to the lineup. Verdugo would check those boxes.

Both clubs are said to be interested in acquiring these players. Last season, the Red Sox first reported interest in Torres and the same is said about the Yankees with Verdugo. These historic rivals don't do business much, but this offseason could be a different ballgame.


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