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Astros Pitcher Makes Baseball History

Photo via Twitter

Astros pitcher, Framber Valdez made baseball history in the Astros 2-0 win over the Guardians yesterday. Framber Valdez tossed a no-hitter. One of the most uncommon things you hear in baseball. It's very hard to do as a pitcher, arguably the hardest next to a perfect game.

Framber Valdez became the 3rd pitcher this year to achieve this. He did it on just 93 pitches, that's another very impressive thing in this no-hitter. Framber Valdez also became the first Astros southpaw in history to throw a no-hitter.

Framber Valdez dominated from the first pitch, all the way till the last. You could tell from the beginning Framber Valdez was on last night. He had the stuff to do it, and he did it. Anytime you throw a no-hitter, you always have an impressive pitching line, Valdez's line last night: 9 IP | 0 H | 0 ER | 1 BB | 7 K's.

Anytime a pitcher accomplishes something like this, as a baseball fan you should enjoy it. To throw a no-hitter in baseball is so uncommon. It's just saw awesome to see, and Framber Valdez will now be in baseball history forever.


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