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Baseball United Introduces an Interesting Way to Score More Runs

Photo by Talkin’ Baseball (X)

In 2022, we were introduced to a whole new brand of baseball being played in the Middle East and South Asia, specifically Dubai. That brand of baseball being Baseball United. A professional league that is filled with players of all ages, even ones that had impactful MLB careers. Names such as Robinson Cano, Andrelton Simmons, Pablo Sandoval, and Bartolo Colon.

Yesterday, the East and West All-Stars played for the very first time, marking some notable debuts. What could have been the best story is 50-year old Bartolo Colon toeing the slab for the East and recording the very first strikeout.

Although the debuts were a bit nostalgic for the fans who got to see these players once thrive in MLB, there was one part of Baseball United that caught all of our eyes. That being the newly introduced "money ball". This money ball is a golden baseball that if a player hits a home run you get double the amount of runs that they drove in. That being a grand slam would be worth 8 runs instead of the 4 that we are all used to.

With Baseball United being a brand new professional league, the game of baseball is once again thriving outside of the United States. Fans of the game are extremely excited to see the game everyone loves starting to make its way overseas more than it already is. This introduced money ball is certainly ready to turn some games upside down.


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