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Brewers Discussing Extension With Their Top Prospect

Photo by Getty Images

MLB reporter Ken Rosenthal wrote an article stating that the Milwaukee Brewers are discussing a contract extension with their top prospect Jackson Chourio. He's just 19-years-old and is just getting started in his MLB career. It's better to lock young guys up before they need a massive contract.

Jackson Chourio has been an absolute stud in the minors. Chourio was drafted in 2021. Since making his debut in the minor leagues, Chourio has played 272 games. He's slashed .286/.347/.490, with 47 HR's, 191 RBI's, 98 BB's, 68 SB's, and a .837 OPS.

Jackson Chourio hasn't seen the major leagues yet. As of right now, he's in Triple-A. There's a chance Choirio could see the MLB next season. It would be ideal for the Brewers to get Chourio locked up early. Talks just recently started, if it moves quick the deal could be done soon.


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