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Brewers Re-Sign Starting Pitcher on a Two-Year Deal

Photo by MLB on Fox

The Milwaukee Brewers and starting pitcher, Brandon Woodruff are in agreement on a two-year deal. Brandon Woodruff will likely miss the entire 2024 season, so he won't be back until the 2025 season. Woodruff will rehab this year.

It was unknown weather or not the Brewers were going to sign Woodruff after he had shoulder surgery in October. A lot of people believed that a different team would take a chance on Woodruff, but it ended up being the Brewers.

Brandon Woodruff is the Brewers longest tenured player. He made his debut with the club in 2017. It's good to see the Brewers bring Woodruff back even though he will be out for a while.

The Brewers can always rely on Brandon Woodruff to be a top teir starter. He's shown that over the course of his career. Woodruff's 2023 season was filled with injures, although, he still had a good season in the time he pitched. In 11 games, Woodruff had a 5-1 record, 2.28 ERA, and 74 SO.

With the Milwaukee Brewers recently trading their former ace, Corbin Burnes to the Orioles. Once Brandon Woodruff makes a full recovery and is back on the mound, the Brewers will know that they will have another ace in Brandon Woodruff.


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