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Brewers Sign Veteran Catcher to One-Year Deal

Photo by MLB On Fox

The Milwaukee Brewers and veteran catcher, Gary Sanchez, are in agreement on a one-year deal worth $7 million and includes an option, per Jon Heyman of the New York Post.

In 2023, Sanchez, 31, was Blake Snell's personal catcher and winner of the National League Cy Young Award. He played briefly with the Giants and Mets before joining the Padres, where the veteran catcher hit .218/.292/.500 with 19 home runs in 72 games.

Sanchez first broke the big leagues in 2015 and spent seven seasons with the New York Yankees. His bright start to his career showed promise for the catcher to make a perfect fit for years to come. Things in New York (AL), did not pan out before jumping from Minnesota, New York (NL), and San Diego.

The 31-year old is poised to continue his success from 2023 in the Brewers lineup. His veteran leadership and power bat presence are going to be a great match in Milwaukee.

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