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Dylan Cease’s 2023 Has Not Been What He Expected

Dylan Cease via Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Coming into the 2023 season everyone expected Dylan Cease to expand off of what he did last year. That hasn’t been the case so far.

Dylan Cease really solidified himself as a reliable starting pitcher in the White Sox rotation. You were almost guaranteed a win with him on the mound last year. He posted a 2.20 ERA in 32 games pitched. He pitched 184.0 innings, and had 227 strikeouts. He finished second in AL Cy Young.

In 2023, that has certainly been different. Through his first 11 games pitched, he has a ERA of 4.60. He’s pitched 58.2 innings, and he has 60 strikeouts.

The Chicago White Sox, as a team, are also not doing good at all. It’ll be interesting to see if Cease could potentially be traded at the deadline if this keeps up.

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