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Former Major League All-Star Throws Bullpen for MLB Teams

Photo by Over the Monster

Former Red Sox All-Star closing pitcher, Matt Barnes threw a bullpen for MLB teams. Matt Barnes was a longtime Red Sox closer, for exactly nine years. As of right now, it's unknown the teams who attended Barnes bullpen session.

Before the 2023 season, Matt Barnes was traded from the Red Sox to the Marlins. In May, Barnes had season-ending hip surgery. Barnes injury is why he's now trying to show teams he can still pitch.

Matt Barnes is a ten-year MLB veteran. His career has been up and down. For his career, Barnes has appeared in 453 games, he posted a 33-30 record, 4.13 ERA, 576 SO, and a 1.355 WHIP.

In addition to Matt Barnes career stats, he's also a one time all-star with the Boston Red Sox in 2021. Matt Barnes was on the 2018 Red Sox team, so he is a World Series Champion.

Only time will tell if Matt Barnes will ever get another chance to be a closer in MLB. He's proven he can be a good one. It'll be interesting to see if any team will take a flyer on Matt Barnes.

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