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Former MLB Pitcher is Headed to Japan

Photo by Getty Images

Former Major League Baseball relief pitcher, Kyle Keller, signed with the Yomiuri Giants in Japan. Kyle Keller pitched in Major League Baseball for just three years, and all three years, he pitched for a new team each seasons.

Keller, 30, made his MLB debut in 2019. In 2019, Keller pitched for the Miami Marlins, in 2020, he pitched for the Los Angeles Angels, and in 2021, Keller pitched for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Kyle Keller hasn't pitched in the MLB the past two seasons. In fact, he's pitched with the Hanshin Tigers as one of the best relievers in all of NPB. Kyle Keller had an impressive 1.71 ERA with the Hanshin Tigers in 2023.

Kyle Keller hasn't pitched much in the MLB, but he does have some experience pitching on the highest level when it comes to baseball. That could play a big factor in Kepler's success in Japan with the Yomiuri Giants.

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