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Former Utility Player Plans to Try Pitching in Spring Training

Photo by Getty Images

After eleven seasons as a utility player, Charlie Culberson will attempt a second career. That second career is him trying out pitching in spring training. Charlie Culberson has only made eight appearances as a pitcher, and that was when the game was out of reach. Now, Charlie Culberson will try out pitching full time.

Charlie Culberson will go to the Atlanta Braves spring training. Culberson will be pitching as a relief pitcher. For Charlie Culberson's career, he's pitched just 7 1/3 IP. It is a small sample size, but in that time Culberson posted a 1.23 ERA.

Through all the major league pitches Charlie Culberson has thrown, he's topped out on the mound at 94 MPH. That's pretty impressive. A scout gave a report on Charlie Culberson: Great guy, super athletic. Throws strikes and has arm strength, he has a shot.”

This story of Charlie Culberson deciding to pitch instead of continuing as a utility will be one of the most interesting things to follow this spring training. Everyone should be rooting for Charlie Culberson to do good as a pitcher, because this would be a great story if he can do solid.

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