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Latest on Reigning NL Cy Young’s Free Agency

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Per Mark Feinsand of, the market for free agent pitcher, Blake Snell, is extremely strange right now. So strange that he received just one offer, which was from the New York Yankees, for a six-year $150 million deal.

Reports state that Snell is seeking either a higher AAV, at least $30 million a year, or more years added on. Though teams have expressed interest in the reigning NL Cy Young Award winner, the Yankees were the only team to extend an offer.

Blake Snell is an extremely talented pitcher. There's a certain level of respect that comes for a pitcher who won Cy Young Awards in each league. However, Snell has had some up and down seasons.


Taking a look at his career stats, fans can see why teams might be hesitant on extending an offer to Snell of the value he's seeking.

Stats by

As stated, Blake Snell is a phenomenal talent on the mound. Whoever does end up landing Snell is going to instantly become a better pitching staff. It's a strange market for such a talented pitcher, but his track record could be the exact reason why he is still a free agent.

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