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Managerial Drama Ends With Counsell in Chicago, Mendoza in New York

Photo by ATD Media

The New York Mets fired Buck Showalter just minutes before game 162 this past season. Their search for their next manager has officially come to an end. Many expected them to lure former Brewers' Craig Counsell, however, they ended up with longtime Yankees bench coach, Carlos Mendoza.

Mendoza has served as the New York Yankees' bench coach for the last four seasons and has been a coach in their organization for the last 15 years. Mendoza is highly respected and was only a matter of time before he had his shot at a managerial position. That shot starts just a borough away.

As mentioned, many expected the Mets to end up with Craig Counsell. A manager who many believe is one of the best in the sport. In a turn of events, Counsell took the job in Chicago to manage the Cubs. The hire did come at a hefty price for the Cubs, in which they will pay Counsell $40 million over the next five years.

As the managerial drama comes to an end, both the Mets and Cubs have their managers of the future. With Counsell being in Chicago and Mendoza in New York, their is just four managerial positions open around the league. Los Angeles (AL), Houston, Milwaukee, and San Diego.

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