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Marlins Hire New Head of Baseball Operations

Photo by Talkin’ Baseball

The Marlins shocked the world by parting ways with former head of baseball operations, Kim Ng. Many wondered who would replace her after she seemingly turned the franchise around. The Marlins announced yesterday that they have found their replacement. Their replacement is Rays GM, Peter Bendix.

Bendix is regarded as one of the best baseball minds in all the sport. That comes at no surprise with what he has done with a Rays franchise that does not spend much money and seemingly runs out teams that overperform. What he has done in Tampa is nothing short of impressive. He won't have to move too far as he's staying in the Sunshine State, moving to the other side.

Bendix started his baseball career from the very bottom. His articles on baseball analytics made himself a name, he then took ever opportunity he got and found himself as one of the most trusted executives in baseball. The Marlins have easily put themselves in a great position as they let go of one great executive, and just hired another great one.

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