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Mets Add a Big Piece to the Front-Office

Photo via Getty Images

Yesterday, the New York Mets agreed to a 5-year contract with David Stearns as president of baseball operations. This is such a great hire on the Mets part, they've been trying to get David Stearns for a while, and they finally have their guy.

Many would say, the Mets hiring David Stearns is the most significant front-office move since Andrew Friedman went from the Rays to the Dodgers, nearly a decade ago.

David Stearns has been a big part of the Milwaukee Brewers the past few years. He's a big reason why the Brewers have been winning recently, and why the Brewers won multiple division championships.

David Stearns will officially begin his 5-year contract with the New York Mets after the end of this season. His contract with the Brewers expires after this year. David Stearns and the rest of the Mets front-office goal to win a WS will officially begin after this season.

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