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Mets Star First Baseman Receives Good News After Leaving Game Early

Photo by Shea Station

The New York Mets were wrapping things up in their series against the Los Angeles Dodgers on Wednesday. They had a moment where everyone on the Mets side was holding their breath. Their star first baseman Pete Alonso got hit in the hand with a 93 MPH ball. He left the game early.

Yesterday, the Mets and Pete Alonso got the hand looked at. The CT scan on Pete Alonso’s right hand was negative, per multiple reports. He is now day-to-day.

Pete Alonso spoke one the injury that made him leave the game:

"I really feel like I got lucky and dodged a bullet."

The Mets held a team meeting after Wednesday’s loss to the Dodgers. Alonso stated that he wasn’t able to be in it due to the fact of him being at the hospital getting imaging on his hand.

Just one day after leaving the game early, Pete Alonso was feeling well enough to pinch hit. He did that in the 7th inning. Alonso roped a double down the left-field line. That helped the Mets beat the Diamondbacks. It turns out Pete Alonso was feeling much better.

With the way the Mets have been playing this season, the last thing they would’ve needed was one of their star offensive players going down with an injury. There’s no question that Pete Alonso’s HBP could have been way worse, it’s a good thing everything worked out for Alonso and the Mets.

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