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MLB Pitch-Clock Rules To Stay The Same in The Postseason

Photo via Sportsnet

The pitch-clock rules used throughout the Major League Baseball season will remain the same during the 2023 postseason, according to Jeff Passan.

The rules are: It's 15 seconds with no runners on base. For runners on base, it is 20 seconds. MLB players expressed hope for more time for the postseason.

On Friday, MLB’s owner-led executive council told the competition committee, a joint effort that includes players , the league would not propose any changes to rules before this postseason, sources said. The upshot, Same rules currently in play.

The main reason players had expressed hope for more time on the pitch-clock in the postseason is due to if there's a crucial spot in the game. In the playoffs every game is important, so if a player gets called for a pitch-clock violation it's going to be a problem, especially if it's a close game.

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