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Padres/Giants Put on a Show in Mexico City

Juan Soto & Manny Machado via MLB on Fox

Whenever Major League Baseball is played outside of the US, everyone expects a great series. When the realization of the elevation (7,349') in Mexico City, we figured there was going to be some home runs. Let's just say the Padres and Giants lived up to those expectations last night.

Between the two lineups, a total of ten players hit home runs. For the Giants, Brandon Crawford, LaMonte Wade Jr., Mitch Hanigar, Blake Sabol, and David Villar. For the Padres, Nelson Cruz, Juan Soto, Xander Bogaerts, Fernando Tatis Jr., and Manny Machado. This marks the first time that the Padres "core four" have each hit a home run in a game together.

What makes this game even crazier was the stats behind each hit for both clubs. The exit velocity was off the charts and something that baseball junkies will get a thrill over.

Stats from Padres/Giants via Baseball Savant

The final decision went in favor of the Padres with a final score of 16-11. Not only was this game exciting for fans south of the border, but also due to the Padres/Giants rivalry as the two are neck and neck in the NL West.

The pre-game scene in Mexico City showed us all we needed to know on how the series was going to kick off. Later today, we will get another chance to see some more excitement as Padres' Yu Darvish will take the mound against Giants' Alex Cobb.


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