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Phillies And Their Ace Agree to a Three-Year Extension

Photo by Sports Illustrated

The Philadelphia Phillies and right-handed pitcher Zack Wheeler have agreed to a three-year, $126 million contract extension. The two sides have been talking since the season got over last year, and into Spring Training. Now, they finally get a deal done.

Zack Wheeler signed as a free-agent with the Phillies in 2019. The first deal that the Phillies and Zack Wheeler made was for five-years, $118 million. Wheeler was set to be a free-agent next year, but now he gets locked up by the Phillies.

It may seem as the Phillies have had a bit of a quiet off-season, although that really isn't the case. The two biggest moves they've made are significant. First, they re-signed Aaron Nola to a seven-year contract, and now they've extended Zack Wheeler to a three-year contract. The Phillies will have their top two in their rotation set for the next few seasons.

Zack Wheeler has turned into a monster in Philly. In the regular season and the postseason. There's no question that Zack Wheeler has been shining in Philly, and there's no signs of him slowing down.


Since Zack Wheeler joined the Phillies:

Regular season,

629 IP

3.06 ERA

675 K's

(Stats by Luke Arcaini on X)


63.1 IP

2.42 ERA

68 K's


The Phillies needed to get a deal done with Zack Wheeler because anything could've happened if he hit free agency next off-season. Now that the Phillies got both their priorities done with re-signing Aaron Nola and extending Zack Wheeler, they can focus on other things to improve their team.


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