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Phillies Outfielder Will be Sidelined for 3-4 Weeks

Photo by Instagram

The Philadelphia Phillies announced that outfielder Brandon Marsh underwent successful left knee arthroscopic debridement surgery with Dr. Steven Cohen in Philadelphia. It is anticipated that Marsh will return to playing at 3 to 4 weeks and be ready to play by opening day.

Some people may ask, "why didn't he get it done earlier in the off-season?" That question was answered by Scott Lauber of the Philadelphia Inquire. The reason: The issue with Brandon Marsh’s knee arose a few days ago while he was working out, according to Dave Dombrowski, and appeared to have been traced to floating cartilage that caused irritation.

Some people thought that Brandon Marsh has been dealing with this issue in his knee for the entire off-season. Well, that wasn't the case as shown above.

Brandon Marsh took huge strides as a baseball player last year. He improved on all parts of the game. The Phillies hope is that they can have him in the opening day lineup. Hopefully Brandon Marsh can heel up quickly.


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