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Phillies Pitcher Tosses a No-Hitter

Photo via Phillies Twitter

Michael Lorenzen made baseball history yesterday, he threw a No-Hitter against the Washington National's. It was a great night for baseball in Philly and it ended in baseball history by Michael Lorenzen.

Michael Lorenzen became the 14th pitcher in Philadelphia Phillies history to throw a no-hitter. He also became the first Phillies pitcher since 2015 to throw a no-hitter. Also, Lorenzen became the first Phillies pitcher to throw a no-hitter at Citizens Bank Park since Roy Halladay's no-hitter in game one of the NLDS in 2010.

From the first pitch, till the last, you could tell Michael Lorenzen had the stuff to make history. Of course, Lorenzen put it together and did just that. Michael Lorenzen also threw 124 pitches, which is impressive by itself. Michael Lorenzen's line tonight was 9 IP, 0 H, 0 ER, 4 BB, and 5 SO.

Phillies manager, Rob Thomson really put his trust in Michael Lorenzen. For a manager to let their pitcher throw 124 pitches in a game, is very unheard now a days. Rob Thomson said, "I asked him are you strong, he said I’m strong. I said, I’m giving you 20 pitches you better get quick outs. He said I will, and he did. It was just a great night."

The Phillies traded for Michael Lorenzen this past trade deadline. It's certainly paying off, as his first start resulted in Lorenzen throwing 8 IP, allowing just two ER, and of course, in his second start, Lorenzen threw a no-hitter. The Phillies front office should get a lot of high fives for this trade, as it's certainly been a very good trade.


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