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Red Sox Hire New Head of Baseball Operations

Photo by WCVB-TV

The Boston Red Sox have officially hired Chaim Bloom's replacement. That being Craig Breslow, who was formerly a Cubs executive. Breslow has made quite the reputation for himself when it comes to the game of baseball. Taking a dive into his education history, Breslow might just be "the smartest man in baseball", as the Wall Street Journal once wrote.

Breslow graduated from Yale University with a degree in molecular biophysics and biochemistry. With the recent hiring of the Red Sox, Breslow will get a chance to prove that his baseball IQ is just as high as his regular IQ.

Breslow spent a total of 12 years in the big leagues, spending time with 7 clubs, but most notably with the Red Sox. His phenomenal 2013 season, pitching to a 1.81 ERA, helped bring the third championship back to Boston in 9 years. The Red Sox are now giving him the shot to bring another one back to Boston, not from the field, but from the office.

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