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The Cubs Could Potentially Add a Huge Bat to Their Lineup

Photo via Phillies

With the news of the Phillies having Bryce Harper as their first baseman for the future, the Phillies will more then likely move on from Rhys Hoskins. The Cubs are a team to watch for Rhys Hoskins. The Cubs reportedly consider Rhys Hoskins to be a "good fit for their roster."

Rhys Hoskins missed all of 2023 due to him tearing his ACL in spring training. Overall, Hoskins has shown the player he could be. In 2022, Rhys Hoskins was one of the best Phillies postseason hitters. So now, he has that playoff experience and teams know that he can succeed in October.

The Cubs were pretty close to making the playoffs last year as they just missed out on a wild card spot. For the Cubs to add a player like Rhys Hoskins to their already good lineup would be huge. There's certainly going to be a number of teams in on Rhys Hoskins, but there's a real chance the Cubs are going to be the front runners for him.

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