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The Dodgers Are Back to Being The Dodgers Everyone Knows

James Outman & David Peralta via Harry How/Getty Images

The Dodgers started the 2023 season the way they had not hoped. A bunch of ups and downs and players just not being up to par. However, the Dodgers that everyone knows are back.

Atop of the NL West with a record of 29-17, 8-2 in their last ten, the Dodgers are back on track and are firing on all cylinders. Many wondered how this team would fair after losing some key pieces last off-season.

Having a mix of veterans such as Mookie Betts, JD Martinez, and Freddie Freeman is key to the Dodgers success. However, they are also getting some great production out of their Rookie of the Year candidate in James Outman. Their pitching staff is getting it done on the hill just as much as the offense is.

This Dodgers club was questioned at the beginning of 2023, now everyone knows there was never a setback and never was going to be one. This club is ready to take a deep playoff run as everyone comes to expect.

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