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The Kansas City Royals will be Without one of Their Starting Pitcher’s

Zack Grenkie Via FanGraphs Baseball

The Kansas City Royals announced yesterday that they've played starting pitcher Zack Grenkie on the 15-day IL with right shoulder tendinitis. This is the last thing that the already struggling Kansas City Royals needed.

The Kansas City Royals need any help they can get. Especially when it comes to starting pitching, as they rank 27th in all of baseball in ERA, with a 4.70 ERA.

Zack Grenkie's 2023 hasn't been a good one for him, but it's still a pretty big loss for a team like the Royals. In 18 starts, Grenkie is 1-9, 5.44 ERA, 64 strikeouts, and a 1.29 WHIP. As you can see when it comes to the record, he gets no run support.

The Royals will need any help they can get from anyone. This is certainly not what they needed. Although they will now need there other starting pitchers to fill Grenkie's absence while he is on the injured list.


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