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This Stat Describes The Yankees Season Perfectly

Josh Donaldson via Robert Sabo for NY Post

The Yankees have had quite the rollercoaster season. Injury riddled, poor performances, and just down right terrible play, as of late, is not what Yankee fans are used to. So, what stat is it that describes the Yankees season? Let's dive into it.

The Yankees currently rank 28th, third worst, in OBP (on-base percentage). The only teams ranked lower are the Royals and White Sox. So yes, the Oakland Athletics are getting on base more frequently than the New York Yankees.

To be fair, the Yankees are missing their top producer in Aaron Judge. However, with the second highest payroll in baseball, they have a team that should be able to stay afloat without Judge in the lineup.


Taking a look at some of those said players that take up some of that payroll, here's their numbers as of late..

Anthony Rizzo: 1 for 29 (0 XBH, 0 RBI)

Giancarlo Stanton: 3 for 26 (HR, RBI)

DJ LeMahieu: 5 for 27 (HR, 2 RBI)

Josh Donaldson: 2 for 22 (2 HR, 3 RBI)

.106 BA combined in 104 AB

(Stats via YES Network)


The Yankees are undoubtedly going through a very rough stretch offensively right now. It's hard to say if getting Aaron Judge back into the lineup will fix the offense as a whole.

It's only right to assume that the Yankees will be active at the trade deadline, looking to get another bat in the lineup before the AL East gets to far away from them.


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