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Where Will The Big Name Shortstops Sign?

Well. Do you know? I’m asking you because I have zero idea who these guys are signing with. I’m pretty sure I’ve read each player be connected with like 10 teams. There are so many teams that need/are linked to these shortstops it’s so hard to keep up:

We know the Phillies, Mariners, Cubs, Giants, Cardinals, Angels, Orioles (maybe?), and Yankees (just because) are all interested in these shortstops, and of course the teams that could lose theirs from 2022. (Dodgers, Braves, Twins, Red Sox)

So right there I just named 12 teams. TWELVE. That’s 40%, almost half of MLB. (Shoutout to the iPhone calculator for that one).

But just for shits in giggles I’m going to attempt to correctly predict what team each of the four big free agent shortstops are signing with, let’s dive into it.

Xander Bogaerts:

First off, I’m a huge fan of Xander. “How can you be a Yankee fan and like a Red Sox?!?” I just do, I love the way he plays the game (except when he kills the Yankees) but he’s definitely one of my favorite players in the league.

Red Sox fans rave about him as he’s kinda been the unofficial captain for them for a while now. I really think he stays in Boston. I know recently the Red Sox haven’t been handing out large contracts but I think Xander means too much to this franchise to let him go.

Carlos Correa:

This is a fun one. I still remember last off-season getting the Twitter notification at like 1am Eastern time that Carlos Correa signed with the Minnesota Twins. For the time that it was reported and the randomness of the team I was convinced for like 5 minutes that it wasn’t real. But hey, he played a year in Minnesota, got his bag, and said peace out.

I would say Correa is the one I’m most clueless about in this free agent class. Obviously he’s a superstar and arguably one of the best shortstops in the sport, but to predict where he winds up? No clue. It’ll make more sense when I tell you the rest of my predictions but I say Correa shocks the world and signs with the Dodgers. I don’t know why I just see it happening. No explanation, just a hunch. That’d be so awkward after all the cheating scandal shit from 2017, but I think Correa would be a great fit for the Dodgers. (If they lose Trea obviously) They need some passion on that team and I think it’s happening.

Dansby Swanson:

I reallyyyyy hope this doesn’t end up like Freddie 2.0. Dansby’s been with the Braves since 2015 (when he got drafted), the hometown kid, won a World Series, doing everything perfect on and off the field. I mean, it’s the perfect match.

Atlanta, don’t screw this up. You lost Freddie to the Dodgers last year, don’t let it happen again with Dansby this year. Make him a Brave for life. I’m gonna speak it into existence for the Braves fans out there. Dansby Swanson will stay with the Atlanta Braves.

Trea Turner:

Sorry for being boring, I know I have 2/3 of my predictions so far returning to their teams from last season. But that won’t happen with Trea. Obviously with the Dodgers signing Carlos Correa, Trea Turner won’t return to LA. Or maybe they sign both, you never know with them over there.

But for this sake I’m just gonna say Trea doesn’t re-sign. Where will he go you may ask? Well, I’ll tell ya. Hey Philly, this is your guy right here. I know this is basically what everyone else is saying as well, but think about it, it’s perfect. We know the Phillies will spend money. Trea Turner is what they need. Shortstop, more of a contact guy which the Phillies lack, ridiculous speed, pretty good defense.

I also don’t love how everyone else is predicting because usually when everyone thinks one thing will happen, it doesn’t end up like that. Maybe it will change with Trea Turner.

I wish I could just call up one of these guys and say “hey where do you think you’re gonna sign”, that’d be cool. If Xander Bogaerts, Carlos Correa, Dansby Swanson , or Trea Turner are reading this, shoot me a DM with some info, I’d love to know what’s gonna happen thanks.

Photo Credit: Creator: Michael Reaves | Credit: Getty Images

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